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9 Jul 2017

So I’m doing research for my next Ebook ‘Order of the Deadly Lotus’ when I have to get some info about a sexy female Chinese assassin. Do you know what happens when you type in ‘Hot Asian women’ into Google?

1 Jul 2017

I’ve been working on the latest story (lucky number 7)  in the John DelMonico / Terri O’Brien detective series, tentatively titled, ‘Order of The Deadly Lotus’. (Hey! I’m writing as fast as I can!)

30 Jun 2017

Bear with us as this website gets a much needed facelift…

29 Jun 2017

The reviews are in for Even Goddesses Need Clean Underwear!  An RT Book Reviews Top Pick!  4 1/2 stars 

“Extended Vacation,” “Perfect Touch,” “6:06 to Sunnyvale”—three short stories with Twilight Zone and Stephen King leanings. Written in three different seasons of his life, rising mystery/suspense/horror author Harry F. Smith definitely has a penchant for creating engaging short tales replete with well-defined characters that are involved in a flurry of situations. Amid plot twists, Smith excels at incorporating the element of surprise. “Even Goddesses Need Clean Underwear” is certain to be a new favorite among thriller aficionados. – RT Book Reviews

Read the full review here!

28 Jun 2017

After intense negotiations,  Like A Duck Publishing has a new theme song,  ‘A Duck Named Sybil’ by Rachel Collis.

Go here to watch Rachel Collis & Band performing ‘A Duck Named Sybil’ in Humph Hall, Sydney, Australia.

Go here to visit her web site: