The Chatroom Murders

Book 1 in the John DelMonico / Terri O’Brien Detective Mysteries Series.

In this erotic thriller, former Jersey City detective John DelMonico and his beautiful new partner Terri O’Brien confront unimaginable dangers from teenage hackers, roadside Mexican burritos, rapping white boys, sadistic lunch meat, mutilated stuffed animals, irate California drivers and finally, a pair of kinky, psychotic killers who use the Internet to hunt down and torture their victims.

“Gone, perhaps forever, were the dirty streets of New Jersey. Would he ever again hear the familiar sounds of cab drivers cursing in fifteen different languages, middle fingers joyfully extended in a universal driver’s greeting? What would substitute for the eye-stinging fragrance of oil refineries belching toxic fumes strong enough to peel paint from metal? How could he fall asleep on a hot summer’s night without the choruses of automatic weapons chattering off in the distance?”

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Publication Info

Published: Aug. 23, 2010
Words: 124,500
Language: English
ISBN: 9780974826233