Even Goddesses Need Clean Underwear

‘Even Goddesses Need Clean Underwear is a collection of three short stories about love and madness.
‘Extended Vacation’ is a story about Gerald, a mild-mannered book publishing clerk. Since Charlotte, his very domineering boss has gone missing from her job, he steps up to the challenge and takes over for her. Wasn’t that nice of him?
‘Perfect Touch’ explores the tale of Tony Harper, a Florida Ford salesman who discovers a laptop that allows the user’s wildest dreams to come true, only to find out that Susan Cross, his arch nemesis, also has some pretty wild aspirations…
‘6:06 To Sunnyvale’ is a cute little story written in first person narrative about a man who literally bumps into his one true love on his train commute to work. How could an encounter like this possibly go wrong in the end?
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The Peaceful Night

A category five hurricane smashes into Orlando, Florida and forces the people of an exclusive gated community to fend off starvation, a power hungry ex-mafioso don, alligators, a horny but brain dead mutt named Peepers and a psychotic killer who’ll do anything to silence the voices in his head until help arrives.
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John DelMonico/Terri O’Brien Detective Mysteries Series

The Chatroom Murders

 In this erotic thriller, former Jersey City detective John DelMonico and his beautiful new partner Terri O’Brien confront unimaginable dangers from teenage hackers, roadside Mexican burritos, rapping white boys, sadistic lunch meat, mutilated stuffed animals, irate California drivers and finally, a pair of kinky, psychotic killers who use the Internet to hunt down and torture their victims.
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Last One Standing

This second novel in the John DelMonico/Terri O’Brien series finds them traveling to Manhattan to investigate a pump and dump securities fraud scheme on Wall Street. As John reminisces about early life growing up on the streets of Jersey City, Terri grows close to someone connected to the case. Along the way they encounter Mafia hit men, fierce nuns and an even more dangerous ex-wife.
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The Prying Eye

This third novel in the John DelMonico/Terri O’Brien series finds them getting involved when the Director’s secretary, Mary Beth Harrington is blackmailed by a rogue Internet service provider technician. He gains entry to customer’s computers by tapping into their service and installing backdoor snooper programs. Not satisfied with blackmail, he begins a murderous spree that must be stopped.
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The Hunting Club

An erotic thriller, the fourth novel in the John DelMonico / Terri O’Brien detective series finds Terri leaving the safety of the National Cybercrime Investigation Agency to infiltrate a rogue group of hunters who have decided to swap out animal trophies for people while John reminisces about early life growing up on the mean streets of Jersey City.
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Shadow Of The Throwaways

In the fifth story of the John DelMonico / Terri O’Brien series, the National Cybercrime Intelligence Agency (NCIA) agents take on an assignment to hunt down Mafia backed pornographers that have been exploiting young runaways for their films. Exposing themselves to the seamy side of the mob, they go undercover in Los Angeles, all the while sharing close quarters as they pose as a Mafia hit man and his girlfriend. But it’s terrible timing for John as he becomes involved with a fiery, banana kidnapping Irish beauty while he tries to ignore his growing feelings for Terri.
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A Matter Of Trust

In this captivating sixth story of the John DelMonico / Terri O’Brien series, John finds himself undercover as a security officer in a nearby Silicon Valley computer firm, investigating the breach of highly classified material by Chinese agents. As he burrows into the seedy world of industrial espionage, he must decide between the two loves of his life: Siobhan McKenna, a beautiful Irish chiropractor or Terri O’Brien, his partner at the National Cybercrime Investigation Agency.
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