The Hunting Club

An erotic thriller, the fourth novel in the John DelMonico / Terri O’Brien detective series finds Terri leaving the safety of the National Cybercrime Investigation Agency to infiltrate a rogue group of hunters who have decided to swap out animal trophies for people while John reminisces about early life growing up on the mean streets of Jersey City.

“How can one describe the loveliness that is Sarah? It would be easier to tell a blind man of the colors in a rainbow. Like the sun rising in the east on a beautiful summer morning, she is perfection personified. Venus herself cowers in fear at the mere thought of her flawless beauty. With ruby red lips reminiscent of the finest Bordeaux, her smile is like a fragrant perfume, lingering on the senses and in the deep corner of my mind long after she has gone. An effortless toss of her head causes her silky hair to wave in the breeze like wheat in the field and only serves to accentuate her immaculate alabaster skin. Like that of a gazelle, her neck is long, sleek and elegant. Her strong arms stand as guardians to her beauty so that many can gaze upon her longingly, but few may touch. Hips that invite with a tender, sensuous sway are but one of her many weapons, like the strike of a cobra or the stab of a stiletto in the hands of a master assassin. The slightest image of her body, wrapped tightly in the most elegant fabrics, invokes secret thoughts in the strongest of men; dark, disturbing and, dare I say, forbidden. Should one man be brash enough to say that she is his and his alone? You might as well ask if the spirit of a wild palomino can be tamed. I am not worthy to bask in the bright sunlight that surrounds her. Weak in the knees, somehow I must find the means to bridge the great distance between us, even if it means crawling over the most rugged of terrain and scaling the highest mountain peaks for one glimpse, one moment of erotic bliss.”

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Published: Dec. 04, 2013
Words: 108,560
Language: English
ISBN: 9780974826288