The Peaceful Night

A category five hurricane smashes into Orlando, Florida and forces the people of an exclusive gated community to fend off starvation, a power hungry ex-mafioso don, alligators, a horny but brain dead mutt named Peepers and a psychotic killer who’ll do anything to silence the voices in his head until help arrives.

“The house across the street was approximately one hundred feet away, but it might just as well have been one hundred miles. With a superhuman effort, Juanita braced herself against the wind and forced herself to push forward, but not before she spat a bloody booger at the door. Puta!
She limped towards her savior, managing a few more steps before she slipped off the edge of a curb that was submerged in water. Blood flowed freely from her palm as she sheared off a few more layers of muddy skin. Somehow rising to her feet once more, Juanita managed to stumble thirty feet before the torn ligaments in her injured ankle failed completely. With the blinding pain shooting up her leg into the small of her back, she tried to brace herself for the inevitable fall, but this time she landed hard on the wet asphalt, fracturing a bone in her wrist. Everything went black for Juanita as her forehead slammed into the ground. As if from far away she heard, “Don’t worry, lady. I’ve got you now and I’m going to take real good care of you.” In a dream-like state, she thought she felt a pair of strong arms lift her up out of the water and off of the ground. On the edge of unconsciousness, Juanita smiled as she heard these words. She knew now that she was saved and would not die in the street like a dog. Her last sight before passing out from the pain was looking deep into the eyes of her rescuer. Before she completely lost consciousness, Juanita heard Stanley Drudge softly repeat the words as he smiled down at her. “I’ve got you now lady and I’m going to take real good care of you.”

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Published: Dec. 30, 2010

Words: 118,130

Language: English

ISBN: 9780974826264