Prying Eye

This third novel in the John DelMonico/Terri O’Brien series finds them getting involved when the Director’s secretary, Mary Beth Harrington is blackmailed by a rogue Internet service provider technician. He gains entry to customer’s computers by tapping into their service and installing backdoor snooper programs. Not satisfied with blackmail, he begins a murderous spree that must be stopped.

Terri tried to lift her arm but found it restrained. With great difficulty, she turned her head and looked down at her feet. Now she could see that she was lying on a gurney with a catheter stuck in her arm. Some kind of liquid was slowly making its way down the clear tube. She settled back on the stretcher. The massive pain in her head was now throbbing in perfect time with her heartbeat. It took all of her strength to say, “Head hurts.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll fix that.”

God, everybody’s telling me not to worry. Should I believe them?

Terri watched as the man in white pulled out a hypodermic and stuck it into the bottle hanging above her head. Almost immediately, the pain receded and she felt much, much better.

“I love this man in white,” she thought dreamily as her entire body went numb. “I want to have his babies.”

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Published: Aug. 01, 2012
Words: 64,480
Language: English
ISBN: 9780974826219