Last One Standing

This second novel in the John DelMonico/Terri O’Brien series finds them traveling to Manhattan to investigate a pump and dump securities fraud scheme on Wall Street. As John reminisces about early life growing up on the streets of Jersey City, Terri grows close to someone connected to the case. Along the way they encounter Mafia hit men, fierce nuns and an even more dangerous ex-wife.

“The sisters at Our Lady of Perfect Divinity Catholic grammar school belonged to the Order of the Most Holy Virgins, the strictest and most feared of all the nuns. Raised from birth in a secret factory located somewhere in the hills of New Jersey, they took great precautions to insure that the chastity of the young girls in their charge was upheld to the letter of the law. If a girl showed too much leg by wearing her skirt higher than knee length, the full fury of the nuns emerged in force. As if by magic, a wooden yardstick was quickly produced to measure the length of the young woman’s skirt. By law, all nuns had to carry a ruler wherever they went, usually tucked away somewhere discretely in the folds of their long, dark habit. In John’s case, that same ruler was wrapped across his knuckles whenever he gave the nuns a load of crap, which was often. Wielding the wooden measuring stick like a Japanese samurai sword, they would descend upon him like a pack of wolves attacking an injured fawn.”

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Published: July 12, 2011
Words: 65,160
Language: English
ISBN: 9780974826202